Group calendar categories working in OWA & Outlook 365 Mac but not Outlook 365 Windows

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Weird issue with group calendar categories. We have a team with a shared group calendar in Office 365 Enterprise (all with E3 licenses) that all team members have access to. Outlook for Mac and Outlook Web behave exactly as expected:


1) categories for team calendar events are different from each user's personal categories

2) when setting a category it synchronizes to Exchange online and shows for all users


However, Outlook 365 on Windows does not seem to bother. The categories for the team calendar are each user's personal categories, and they do not synchronize at all. Meaning that a) all calendar events are by default uncategorized in Outlook 365 Windows, and b) categories set in Outlook 365 Windows are not synchronized with Exchange Online and other cannot see them. This is true for all users.


Any ideas?

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@MaJun_In reviewing all the threads related to this issue, it's now more than a year old. 

I'm just now rolling out a shared calendar in Outlook for a distribution group, and they will not adopt use of the calendar without the ability to categorize. 


Any idea of when this will be fixed for Outlook 365 Windows?