Free Busy search from External Tenant


We have a contractor that wants to do free busy searches on a few users calendars to schedule meetings.

Since they are not part of our tenant, can they search?

What do I need to do to allow this from that person's Domain?

If I go to Exchange Admin Center and then to Organization do I add it under the "Organization Sharing" section?

If I do is that secure?

David K

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Hi @David Kamp,


Adding the external domain under "Organization Sharing" is a secure way, make sure you select "Calendar free/busy information with time only". Once this is done, any user in the external tenant will be able to view the calendar free/busy of all/specific users in your tenant (depending on what you selected in the Org. Sharing).


An alternative is for those specific users in your tenant to share calendar with the specific external user (provided external sharing has been enabled in your tenant).