External calendar management

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We are looking for a solution to enable admin support from an outside entity to fully manage O365 users calendars without provisioning accounts for them on our O365 tenant.  Is anyone aware of a viable solution for this?  The outside entity can have as much as 15 people that will be providing these services.  Maybe a 3rd party solution with a sync agent?  I am aware of booking solutions but that will not work for this use case.  The admins need full read write access to the calendars.



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If a person needs to do it, they need to have a mailbox within the organization/be licensed for it. You can use a programmatic solution though, something that uses the the Graph API or EWS...

@Vasil Michev Thanks.  I am looking for a 3rd party solution that possibly uses an API to manage the calendar.

Hi @Vasil Michev,

could you please let me know if it's possible to create a "programmatic solution" that does not use Microsoft 365 account?  

@Victor Ivanidze I agree. Do not want to have to manage 15 accounts for admin purposes of peoples calendars.

@Victor Ivanidze Isnt that what Application permissions are for? 



Hi @Vasil Michev,


thanks for your answer. If saying "application" you mean Azure-based one, then I think anybody need an office 365 account just to create the Azure application  itself.  It might be I'm wrong here.

You dont need a "dedicated" account for that, if you are using O365/Azure AD already, you can create/use AAD-integrated apps.