Copying entries to a Group Calendar - some sync but others do not

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Our small business previously used public folder shared calendar to keep track of each other's activities. It has worked flawlessly but we have now moved to a Group calendar in order to allow the calendar to be seen on mobile devices via the Outlook app.


We are having issues with certain calendar entries not syncing to everybody's calendar. Manually creating an entries in the Group calendar syncs 100% of the time, no problem.  But dragging an entry from a user's personal calendar to the Group calendar works for most entries but not others. No idea why. I noticed this when copying/pasting over historical entries from the previous calendar to the new Group calendar - there was a stubborn few that would not sync.


The issue is serious because when the user copies over an entry via Outlook desktop, they see it on their screen just fine so have no clue whether it has sync'd or not to others.


All users are running latest versions of Windows 10 and Office 365 desktop.


Has anyone experienced this issue and knows of why some Group calendar entries sync fine and others do not? We can't see any patterns yet...

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If you can reliably reproduce this, open a support case to get it properly investigated, might be a bug.