Cannot remove a meeting from a resource room


I have a user (365 Essentials) that created a meeting and added a room to it (Line 3).  Somehow this user deleted the meeting from his calendar, did not cancel it, deleted it.  He was the organizer so I have no idea how he did this.  Then of course nobody was notified.  Now this can be solved by sending an email to them all and having them remove the meeting from their calendars (they are internal and external)  But I cannot figure out how to remove the meeting from the room mailbox. When I try I get:


You do not have sufficient permission to respond to this item.


I can open the meeting on the Line 3 mailbox and close it.  But I cannot modify or delete it.  Now, this meeting is locking up that time slot for that room and nobody can book it.  I am the admin.  I tried recovering the meeting from the organizers deleted folder to the calendar (where, by the way, he could not see it on the Line 3 calendar like everybody else could) but this did nothing at all.


How can I get rid of this meeting in Line 3 and free up the resource.


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Grant yourself permissions to the Room mailbox (or add yourself as delegate), then you will be able to directly edit/delete the meeting from the calendar.

@Vasil Michev I'm not sure how I do that.  The room has not license, so I can't log into it and bring up its calendar.  

Made Line3 an administrator and added that account to Outlook client, then I selected that account and I could delete the meeting.  Go figure.


Thank you for the help.