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I've the following question (see below) from an end user. As it seems now the solution seems to be to contact the owner, and alter the meeting with an end date, create a new meeting without this person in the invite. I'm wondering that with all the updates coming to the calendaring, this will also be altered? 



Please help...
Someone invited me to a recurring meeting, which is good. I have accepted and joined the meetings most of the time.
But now I move on, and will not join this meeting ever again.
How can I nicely remove it from my Outlook?
With other calendars, I can delete 'this meeting', 'this and following meetings' or 'all meetings', when I press the delete-button of a recurring meeting. I want to remove 'this and following', and keeping the past meetings in my calendar for archive purposes.
Outlook only has 'this' or 'all'.
Changing the recurrence so that it ends today only helps as long as the organizer does not update the recurring meeting.



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Remco Hooijer 

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Hi Remco, we do not support that feature. You can vote for it though in our page! Here's a link to the suggestion to vote for if you use the Outlook for Windows client.

Hi Julia, Thanks for confirming and suggesting the link.