365 shared calendar and android outlook app - can view but can't create new

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I have a customer that requires to add new items to 365 (user) shared calendar from the outlook app on android.


I setup a new mailbox in our own 365 tenancy to test this since I hadn't actually seen it working yet.


- Shared calendar invite sent via OWA from the new mailbox to my own inbox (mailboxes in the same E3 tenancy)

- Accepted in my own mailbox using the Android Outlook app and I can view new calendar entries fine.

- I can't add new items to the calendar.  I can view the entries created by the test mailbox ok but not edit them either.


I checked the calendar sharing permissions and increased them (Via full Outlook desktop app) to "Publishing Editor" level but I still can't add new calendar entries.


Any suggestions or is this functionality not supported on the mobile app??

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Update: A day later and the option to create a new entry on the shared calendar has appeared in the outlook app on android! 

Tested creating new entries ok but evidently reminders do not work pop up on the phone for the shared calendar user, only the main outlook app user