Save your Office deployment configurations to the cloud

Published Jun 05 2019 10:51 AM 11K Views

Keeping to our promise of continuous innovation and improvements to make Office deployment easier, our team released a new feature that allows you to save the deployment configurations that you create in the cloud.  This allows you to create, edit and access your deployment configurations from one central location, your Office 365 tenant.

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Not only can you save your deployment configurations, but you can access them directly using an anonymous URL that can be copied from each deployment configuration and used with the Office Deployment Tool.

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This allows you to skip the step of downloading the XML and just reference it directly on the command line when executing the /configure, /download or /customize commands.  The Office Deployment Tool will access the XML directly from your tenant using the anonymous access URL.

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Note: The current version of the Office Deployment Tool does not support the anonymous URL.  The next version of the Office Deployment Tool will include this feature and we expect to release the next ODT the beginning of July 2019.


For more information and a demonstration of this new capability take a look at the new video posted on the Office Deployment insider’s channel



Chris Hopkins

PM - Office Team



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The Feature in is not currently available for tenants in Australia, Brasilia, Germany, India or South Korea...
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I also get "This feature is not currently available for tenants in Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, or South Korea" which is weird because my tenant isn't in any of these locations. My data location is Europe.


@Karl-Gerd Schneider@Dennis Gaida - Can you try again?  We made a change today that allows access from these locations.

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@Chris Hopkinshad to delete cookies, but it works in the European tenant.

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I got this on my work profile: "Policy management requires a subscription plan that includes Office 365 ProPlus." :sad_but_relieved_face: Why not to BP?

@Michael Morten Sonne Office 365 Business products do not support policy management.

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@Chris Hopkins, okay - thanks for your replay on this! 👍🏻

@Michael Morten Sonne Would it be valuable for the Office 365 Business suite to support for policies?  Does your organization only purchase Office 365 Business or do you have a mix of Office 365 ProPlus or Professional products?

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I confirm it is working in our European tenants now
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