Will Live Events be available for guests?

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Will guests be able to participate in live events. I think public Stream is on the roadmap.


Also thinking about External Yammer Network Live Events. Possible?

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You should be able to invite external viewers when you schedule Live Events from Teams - they will be joining anonymous

@Eric Adler - We are looking at adding Guest support for Teams based live events and also for Stream external encoder events. It's a bit further out so we don't have a date/timeline to share yet. 


We'll need to also look at how that works with Yammer external networks as well.

You can create Live Events that everyone (including anonymous guests) can attend. Depends on tentant settings too. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-live-events/plan-for-teams-live-events

When sending from Teams attendees will get the option to Sign in or join anonymosly.




Public Stream access is planned for Q4 2019.


Is Live Events within Stream available for external access? for example for customers? Can stream live event be embedded into an external website?