What are the dial in options for live events?

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We have some people who are unable to join via browser how do they get the audio piece?

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Not sure if Microsoft will chime in, but I can tell you that currently PSTN dial in is not an option for Live Events. Mobile device would be your alternative.

Because of the delay etc. for processing, not sure if Dial in would be an option, I guess it could have the same simulated delay to the PSTN.
You can join Live Events using Teams mobile app with phone or tablet.
Thanks for the question Simon. If browser isn't an option, we encourage people to use the mobile apps to join. Today there is not a way to listen to the audio-only without using a mobile app or browser to join.

@Chris Webb 

I just tried creating a live event in Teams, which picked up my Skype Audio Conferencing settings. I had someone dial in and it seemed to work. The audio is pretty much real time and the event is 40 seconds delayed as usual. But that's fine, as they are not in the same room.


Seemed to work. Will try some more tests and see how it performs.



Interesting. I always use external encoders and not Teams so that's interesting that it brings over the audio conferencing to the meeting. However, do you call in for the audio piece on both ends? It doesn't pass the audio feed from the live meeting into the pstn does it?

@Chris Webb 

Still need to test more, but it appeared that the presenters audio was captured through the Live Event in Teams (no dial in needed)

Simon, as far as I can tell, the only option for audio dial in is for the presenters in a live event. I don't think they can tie an audio conference to the recording because if an audio conference is tied to the attendees you would have people dialing into the live event after the live event completed.