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Why is MS appearing to largely ignore the request to delete entire chat threads?  


Citing eDiscovery reasons doesn't really cut it and it seems to go against GDPR requirements.  Especially when individual messages can be deleted.


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@Wilkoski - We absolutely hear you and are aware of this ask.  It's on our radar and we're currently having internal discussions.  It would be great if people could add their vote to the UV item you provided and shared specific use-cases and scenarios where this feature is important.  Thank you for bringing it up and for using UV to share your feedback.

@Laurie Pottmeyer it would be good to get a sensible and regular update on the UV post.  The last official comment was a bit poorly thought out.

@Wilkoski - Fair response.  We've added to our team and are excited to improve our communication on where we are with all of the UV asks - we realize the updates have not been consistent lately and we're actively working to improve that as we speak.

@Laurie Pottmeyer 

MS has been having internal conversation on this topic since last 2 years, last update being from Alex in Engineering Teams in Jan 2020. Sorry but this is not a rocket science requirement. Your own product Kaizala from which Teams has imported several features already has this. What is so challenging about this requirement is beyond us, it is a basic feature in any chat/ collaboration software. MS Teams is seriously one of the most poorest GUI that MS has ever designed in its history with so many basic features missing!

Trying to delete a conversation history from a past thread that a student was accidentally added to. Obviously there could be sensitive information that they should not have access too. The student was added by a member - not an owner. Can the chat history be deleted from that students Activity log?? Will the student have access in the future even though they are not added during a meeting?

@Laurie Pottmeyer 

Its sad to see Microsoft not even reply to any Twitter posts in Office 365 Teams, here or any other forum on this critical feature that has been inherently missing in its design. The user votes keep increasing, now to 8862, but there has been no response by Alex from Engineering team after her last post in January 2020. Does it really take such a long time to add such a basic feature of deleting a chat thread to the application?


I only registered to this thread because I am angry as hell on Microsoft. How old is this request? It is the year 2021 and I still can not delete a full conversation on a chat program. How is this GDPR compliant?


It is an absolute basic feature that got requested for years now. We are paying a lot of money every month and you cannot implement such a simple feature? What is the issue? Where is the problem? Keep - us - updated!


@Laurie Pottmeyer 


for real


I was searching for how to do this, and now I find out this absolutely basic feature is missing?


C'mon, what are you guys MS doing for a living? Can't be software development. This is ridicolous.