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Please share a status in regards to the Call Quality Dashboard API when it will become available.

I remember that  April 2019 was mentioned once :)

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@Stefan Fried We have CQD-PowerBI Connector which will be our supported GA solution for CQD custom reporting solutions. Our ETA is end of Q2CY2019. 
Currently (April), we have a temp-solution that allow user to use CQD RestAPI for your PowerBI import reports, something you can try to use to get familiar with CQD V3 and PowerBI, but that will be replaced with the CQD-PowerBI connector soon. 

PS: If you want to an API to bulk import raw data, then you need a different solution.

@Laurie Pottmeyer  

@Siunie Sutjahjo  Hello, did this connector get released?

@GP_01 - at this moment, we are in a preview mode.  

@Siunie Sutjahjo How do we apply to be included in the preview?

@GP_01 could you email  He is taking care of the application

@Siunie Sutjahjo was hoping to see any updates from Ignite 2019 on this what is the current recommendation to get access to Call Quality Dashboard API to through Power BI either in preview or GA form?

@Siunie Sutjahjo Hi, is the connector CQD-PowerBI available in GA or do we need to register to preview to have access ?


many thx

@hadness you have to request this (still in preview)

@Rick Varvel is the right person to provide you with details




@Stefan Fried : can you guide me to the right forms to apply to preview please ?

At the moment email sent to : "" but no answer yet. Is this email still accurate regarding preview apply ?


Thx for your time & help :)

Yes Rick is the right contact (mail address looks fine)


@Siunie Sutjahjo 


You talked about another solution to import Teams CQD raw data using API (instead of using PowerBI connector). Do you have any example?

Thanks in advance for your support.