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Whats the reason why the public API stuff was postponed to Q2 2020 ? (i remember that it was planned for Q3 2019)

It would be awesome if one can share also details about what will be covered in the Q2 2020 Public APIs stuff (mentioned on the roadmap) ?

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@Stefan Fried - We know that lots of folks want and need public APIs from Stream. Unfortunately our eyes were a little bigger than our stomach and many other projects have needed to be done before we can start on Public APIs. We are sorry that we had to switch those dates so many times. 


We are starting to scope the first version of the public APIs for Stream now and hope to get started on the development in the coming months. We are still weighing out what we will do, but we'll likely start with basic upload and permission capabilities. 


We'd love to hear from you what scenarios you'd need in the public APIs from Stream.


@Dwyane George  is the PM on our MS Stream team working on scoping the first version of the APIs.

@Marc Mroz - we'd love the ability to get at as much analytics as possible regarding Live Events. Thanks!

@Marc Mroz @Dwyane George thank you marc


i'm mainly interested in Usage Data (who shared which video, how often it was watched, etc..)

So basically "basis" usage statistics.


In addition to that it is pretty important to get STORAGE data as well (consumed storage, available tenant storage,...)


it would be awesome to have first "simple" APIs available in 2019 

thank you

@Marc Mroz I would love to be able to get a list of the videos that are currently available in Stream and use it for embedding selected videos into our training platform