Making 'Live Events' more prominent in Stream

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It would be nice to have the ability to make the Live event the most prominent thing on the Stream Login page.  Right now when you click highlight it puts it into the banner but that almost hides the video.  It would be nice to have some customization as to how a live video appears on the main page to make it easier to locate.

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Good idea. Though my preference is to promote the live event page or to embed the Stream in a SharePoint comms site page. Then you can provide a story around it, list supporting resources, documents, contacts and other video interviews etc. If you want to provide a more persistent and robust conversation experience, embed the Yammer conversation group too with the new webpart.
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@Deleted - You can spotlight a live event to the top of Stream.


But maybe you've used that already and are commenting that the way that spotlighting it into the banner it's only there for a little bit of time as it cycles through the carousel? 


If spotlight doesn't meet what you want you can add new ideas about customization to our ideas forum:


@Darrell Webster we have a weekly meeting that we would like to announce on the main page.  That would be one option but that would be a ton of work weekly to and could be confusing to users where to go to get the new content.  Something to look into.  Thanks for the suggestion. 

Agree with @Darrell Webster embedding in a SharePoint comms site is really effective to build the narrative and give a very polished feel for the event.