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WE have several users who want a more compact view in Teams.  There is allot of 'white-space' that eats up real estate in the client.  It would be nice to have a view that would remove that white-space and maximize the amount of conversation space in the client.

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@Deleted Compact Mode is our #3 requested feature on UserVoice ( and we're in the planning stages. We do not have a specific date to share at this time.

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@Deleted -  This is something we are continuing to improve upon.  We've been making some UI updates and are currently testing different options.  If you want to vote up some of the current asks, you can find them in UV here: - One of the other things people have asked for is the ability to pop-out windows and that's a current UV item as well.  Thank you for the feedback - we hear you.

The quickest way to improve Teams: uninstall the client and switch to the web view instead. Then, use your adblocker of choice to collapse the reply boxes for a large increase in information density.


Yes, this is a useful way to approach it.  Many ad blockers (such as ublock origin) can also parse custom CSS rules.  A useful feature is the ability to keep your custom rule list on a server somewhere (like github) and point ublock to the list.  The syntax for ublock origin is a little different but goes like this: 0px !important; height:40px !important;) !important;)

where ts-add-message and ts-new-message are css class names.  If you want to filter by ID instead of by class, then use


instead of


 It's really too bad that the user has to fix bad developer design.

I agree.

I would even take it a step further and say I would like a seriously stripped down client that ONLY does text chat with my Teams contacts and has a button to launch the normal Teams client when needed.

A simple list of contacts, and when one is selected I get the thread of chat with that person and the ability to type. If a message arrives, make a sound and bold the person with the pending message.

That way I'd have a tiny window always displayed on my screen and out of the way of my main work.