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How does this live event work, I am lost. 

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Hello! You have followed the process for our AMA's to a T.
During this hour you have the audience with multiple team members who can help answer your questions about Live Events! If you have any questions simply make a new post like this one and a team member will be able to respond.

By writing questions, like you did, and getting answers from Microsoft and other attendees. And of course reading what other people have asked & had been answered. This is just like a Yammer YamJam or other AMAs.
Yira - it's a live question / answer forum. Post your questions for a response in real time.

Basically, people do exactly what you just did--Start a New Conversation and ask a question. So you've already begun. :)


I keep a tab open with this page: so I can see all the questions come in and refresh if need be. If I can help answer something, I'll jump in, but otherwise I'll just wait and watch for the answers from the teams here to help.


ETA: Or take too long composing my answer and come in at the end, ha.

Yeah, if you’re taking about this AMA , see previous answers :)