Usage Analytics of a SharePoint Communication Site per Department

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Is there a report available that displays how often a SharePoint communication site has been viewed per department?

Or is possible to create such a report in Power BI for example? If so, any pointers about which connectors are required to create this?

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Not in the Adoption Pack and this is something you don't have in the site usage reports at the site level...but the information is there and you should potentially be able to create such report consuming usage APIs
Thanks Juan Carlos, we will take a look at the usage APIs.

You may take a look at the Usage & Adoption dashboard of AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter product.


Just set the filter based on your requirement it will give you a complete break down of usage analytics statistics by department, country, city, job title etc. Just click on the tile to dive into users in each department/country/city etc.


Online demo is available:


Is there an additional cost associated with the AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter?