Updated version of Adoption Pack?

Christine Green
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I thought I read somewhere recently that the Power BI O365 Adoption Pack now had a new name and had been updated to include more metrics. I can't seem to find anything online about this. Anyone know? Thanks!

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AFAIK, the Power BI O365 Adoption Pack has not ben updated recently and I have no hear plans about upcoming updates
i think the new name is supposed to be something like Office 365 Usage Analytics, but, I agree; it is surprisingly difficult to find posts about it. (I thought i read it would be Generally Available in Q2, like now ;- )
It would be nice to see an update. Over the past months, we've had repeated instances where the content pack is get getting fresh data, either because the usage reports in the Admin portal are not loading, or because of the link between the content pack and the usage reports dataset. I've just looked, and the adoption content pack is still the only app I find for PowerBI.
Just found a Power BI app called "Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics" Looks a lot like the old Office 365 Adoption Preview, only this new one has Teams usage adoption data. I wish i could attach a pic for you, but this seems to be a text only thread.
I think it is called Microsoft 365 usage analytics and I found it under Apps then Microsoft AppSource in PowerBI. More info can be found here https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/enable-microsoft-365-usage-analytics-9db96e9f-a622-4d5d-b13...

Hi All, 


Here is the article that discusses the latest (July 2018): 







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