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Mohammed Farooque
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Tried out the Pack this morning - looks great.   What are the Enterprise use cases for Senior Management ?

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Hey Mohammed, You can refer to Anne's blog Office 365 Adoption content pack in Power BI
Many of the insights and metrics may align to overarching company initiatives to reduce travel or increase collaboration across organizational boundaries. The pack aids in determining whether interventions and programs are moving the needle on Skype use for reduced travel and Yammer conversations for cross org collaboration. Just some ideas. There are other partner offerings that allow for even more detailed insights. I'm most familiar with the ones around Yammer but have worked with SharePoint adoption reports in the past as well.

Can you eleborate a bit more on those 'other partner offerings'? What extra insights do they provide?


@Dean Swannand @Cai Kjaer might want to chime in here. The focus of these solutions is squarely on enterprise social for the most part and will help with community management efforts, identification of influencers, social network analysis, etc. 


Hi Shilpi,


The blog post for very usefull.  Would love to see more specific use cases in future to realize full potential of the Tool in the Enterprise.


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Hi @Corine Ahlrichs - thanks to @Noah Sparks for pinging me.


We provide very rich insights into the collaborative behaviour on Yammer. The two main reasons organizations are telling that they use Yammer for is 1) to improve employee engagement by connecting leaders and staff through two-way conversation 2) to get people to communicate and share knowledge across organizational boundaries.


But it's pretty much impossible to track how you are achieving this with the built-in analytics, and SWOOP Analytics specialises in filling this gap. In case you're interested in reading about what we measure and why you can download our ebook here:


We've aligned the SWOOP measures to the esteemed @Simon Terry's enterprise social network Maturity Model, so you'll see exactly what to measure when.




Thanks @Noah Sparks for the mention. Hello @Corine Ahlrichs - I am one of the other partner offerings that Noah mentioned. I am the Director of Product at tyGraph We created and built tyGraph for Yammer - a solution for better understanding and acting on insights about your network. We also have a product aimed more broadly at O365. 


Now about enterprise use cases and extra insights. What we hear from customers is that in addition to what Cai mentioned above, they want to see the value Yammer brings. We all know that Yammer can and does provide biz value but sometimes it can be hard to show. One of our features helps you focus on those threads that have had the greatest impact, because these are the conversations where you'll most likely find true value. You can then take these findings and share with senior leadership.


Happy to talk further off-thread if you would like. Thanks!

Really love that we have arrived at this point in time when organizations are exploring deeper analytics. A good indication that the ESN analytics space is maturing and valued.

Hi Mohammed, 


The adoption content pack is great to understand whether or not SharePoint and Yammer are simply being used in the organization. However,  for enterprises to really understand how to improve adoption (and the portal in general) and what actions to take, it requires more extensive analytics that show you how users are using the portal and what challenges they are encountering.


CardioLog Analytics provides robust reports for SharePoint/Office 365 and Yammer all in one place, and the data it collects is much more in-depth, allowing users to drill down to truly understand how the portal is being used, as well as to slice and dice it by different fields, such as user information, content metadata and more, to get deeper insights. CardioLog Engage then let's you take your efforts one step further by allowing you to leverage these insights to take action and target users directly in Office 365 via targeted campaigns. 


I'd be happy to chat more about this if you're interested. You can also visit our website at