What is step 1?

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I am curious after attending Day 1 of the nonprofit global leadership summit where people feel like they will begin the AI journey with Microsoft? There are so many tools, so many starting points, and so many different ways to start solving real world problems; where do we begin? Is this clear to you yet? If so, I'd love to hear how you are thinking about making a wise 'first play' with AI & Microsoft.


I am inspired, but wondering where and how to begin. Thanks!


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@willacuffI'm feeling inspired, too! 


I think we'll start with asking our colleagues how they each think they might be able to use AI.  One of the panelists (Hadi Partovi, maybe?) talked about asking employees at all levels to figure out for themselves how to deploy AI best.   


I plan to watch a few webinars to at least start learning more about how I can use it myself, and to play around with the tools a bit.  I'd imagine we'll start with having AI write some simple text for us, but I'd eventually like to be using it for more sophisticated data analytics.



This tool might give you some ideas for where to start as well: AI Compass for Nonprofits | by Microsoft and AI4SP.org

Thanks so much @MattBurr 

I would start with personal learning - you have to put your hands on it and see how it works and what the limitations are - and then you have a good picture. The Copilot Rapid Adoption guide is a great beginner tutorial -- https://aka.ms/Copilot/RapidAdoptionGuide


When I work with teams, I ask people to think about the points of pain around a writing task -- what writing task is a time suck or painful?  Then introduce the basics of prompting to write a draft of something or improve a draft they wrote.