New Yammer O365 Group Integration

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We opted (for now) to use regular Yammer groups rather than Microsoft 365 connected groups.  Will the New Yammer features be available for our network?  If not, will our classic mode experience be affected?


Yammer is starting to strongly catch the eye of our senior management, so this update is very timely!

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@Tom_Kretzmer The New Yammer experience works with connected and unconnected groups. The network does not need to be in M365 Native Mode either, which is a common question.


Not everyone has moved to connected groups yet, but this is the general direction of the product for multiple reasons. Connected groups have been available for quite some time and are now the norm since we are past what you might term the early adoption phase. More and more customers are moving to M365 Native Mode too.


Connected groups are foundational for Yammer eDiscovery in the Compliance Center, and there will be more features building on this foundation. I recently got a demo of Communications Compliance which is a like a supercharged version of Yammer's keyword monitoring. I expect many more innovations like this.


The 'Office 365 Resources' panel that appears within the old Yammer groups does not appear in the new Yammer preview. 


When will this be re-introduced? 


This is an essential component which demonstrates the connectivity b/n Yammer and the wider O365 toolkit. @Brian Lyttle 


@Anthony_Ciavarella  Regarding the new Yammer you can find the Community Ressources when you navigate to Info Tab in your community and on the right side the ressources appear. A little hidden, if you ask me, but you can pin the URL of specific Ressources on the front page of your community. Hope that helps :)
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@soribec Thank you but they do not seem to appear - is this a configuration setting?


see old and new for the exact same group / community


@Anthony_Ciavarella if I see it right it is a language issue. The tab name in english is "ABOUT" (Sorry my language ist set in German and that´s why I wrote click on the tab INFO). Just click on your tab ABOUT in you community and there your Ressources should appear. 


Found it - thank you very much ! @soribec