Windows 11 activation problem?

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Seriously, there's nothing wrong with it. It looks a lot better than Windows 10, there are some nice new features and in general, everything works fast and stable. Compared to the latest macOS, I dare to say Windows 11 looks more modern and works a lot better (macOS has menus and system settings menus that literally haven't been updated in 10+ years as well, perhaps more than Windows). Said, my cousin;


By hearing all this, I made up my mind to install Windows 11 on my personal computer. I'm currently AMD Ryzen 7 5700G processor with MSI Motherboard. After installation, when I restarted my computer a notification appears "your windows isn't activated" that's why some of the features are missing. I tried my best to add the activation key but in vain. Whenever I try to add an activation key, the computer show .Net Framework file is missing. 


What is this issue? please guide me



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