who is using net6 in production environment?

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If you use net6 in your production environment, maybe you can report here

Include the problems you encountered, your insights. all ok.  In this way, perhaps we quickly grasp the knowledge about net6,If you are using net6 In your production environment, please write to the following and write problems you encounter

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We'll be testing .NET 6 for our next RC, so likely to be in production in a few weeks. I wanted to wait for the LTS before spending any dev/test time on it.
Great !,Let's look forward to it and talk together
a Chinese tech community "博客园" https://www.cnblogs.com/
bottom of their website "Powered by .NET 6 on Kubernetes"
wow very good. do you have any problem in production? share it
I have just upgraded 2 of our services to .NET 6/EF 6 and scheduled to go out to Production on 23rd