Should I use the v6. x and 7.x NuGet packages in my ASP.NET MVC app?

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Greetings from Florida!  We have an ASP.NET MVC app using several Microsoft NuGet packages, such as 

  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization (and 4 other Microsoft.AspNetCore.* packages)
  • Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration (and 14 other Microsoft.Extensions.* packages)
  • System.Collections.Immutable (and 17 other System.Collections.* packages)

I don't do a lot of development these days, so I haven't really kept up with all the flavors of .NET

My lead developer has kept us on the 3.x and 4.x versions of all of these packages because he says they are for .NET 6 and .NET 7 (based on version = 6.x or 7.x)

But they all show up as candidate upgrades and list dependencies for various .NET platforms, so I don't expect any trouble and I am concerned about having 50+ out of date packages in my app!

I keep thinking I'll have time to try and rollback if any trouble, but never seem to find that much extra time.  So, should I stay at 3.x/4.x or can I take the latest?




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You should use the latest version, that is suitable for development, new versions all inherit from the old version.