Issue to load screen resolution with scaling factor

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Using System.Windows.Forms.Screen[] screens = System.Windows.Forms.Screen.AllScreens;
here I'm getting different behavior of screen bounds/Resolutions I mean screen bounds loaded with scaling factor but same line of code  in my actual project loading without considering scaling(display's actual screen bound values without considering scaling factor).

Is there any particular reason to load screen bounds with considering scaling factor and without considering scaling factor.

for display1 Screen bound values with scale factor 125%  are width: 1280 and Height :720 same line of code I used in my actual project with same same scale factor 125% getting values of bounds width: 1920 and Height :1080  here it is without scale factor

With scale factor considered bounds
Fom Independent App.png


Without considering scale factor
From ProfileApp.png

Expected is It should also consider scale factor in screen bounds.

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