Create a record from a c# console app using OData entity

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I'm creating a simple demo for creating a new record using an entity and a c# console app, Dynamics 365 FO will expose the entity API, because I'm using Visual Studio 2019 instead of using "OData Client Code Generator" I'm using "OData Connected Service" wich will create the client proxy files for the OData services, the problem I'm facing is that whenever I use a DataServiceCollection object with the Dynamics 365 FO's entity CustomerGroup an error is thrown "The element type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.DataEntities.CustomerGroup' does not have any key property.'", but if I take a look at the proxy file I can see the key property for the entity:




my code is quite simple:







public static void CreateCustomerGroup(DataServiceContext _context)
        CustomerGroup customerGroup = new CustomerGroup
            DataAreaId = "cgc",
            CustomerGroupId = "OData",
            Description = "INSERT FROM ODATA"

        //Once the next line is hit the error "The element type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.DataEntities.CustomerGroup' does not have any key property." is thrown 
        DataServiceCollection<CustomerGroup> customerCollection = new DataServiceCollection<CustomerGroup>(_context)


        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Customer group created"));
    catch (DataServiceRequestException e)

        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("error creating customer group "));





I don't understant why if I can see the key property in the proxy file the error is complaning about that


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Hi @Mariano1978,

Thanks for posting your issue here.

However this platform is used for how-to discussions and sharing best practices for building any app with .NET.Since your issue is a technical question, welcome to post it in Microsoft Q&A forum, the support team and communities on Microsoft Q&A will help you for any technical questions.
Besides, it will be appreciated if you can share it here once you post this technical question Microsoft Q&A.
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