Satya on the value of time (and Delve Analytics)

Nathan Barnett

Check out this cool Business Insider article about Satya's views on time management and how he uses Delve Analytics: http://www.businessinsider.com/satya-nadellas-most-valuable-thing-in-life-2016-8

2 Replies

Satya is the man!  Such an impressive leader and person.  Good stuff!  We absolutely LOVE Delve Analytics, can't wait until we can get our hands on the API!  Sounds like it won't be for awhile yet though. 

As an outsider (but long time MS supporter), Satya is the leader I hoped Microsoft would end up with. I am always impressed by his knowledge and insights into our technical world. IF MS can deliver (successfully) on even a minor percentage of what I believe he is trying to do, it will be a game changer. That said, for me Delve Analytics is an immediate business tool that already has impact on how my teams, and other teams in the company, now approach their time. When you only have "gut" feelings on how your time is being spent and then learn the truth, it makes the value of changing behavior a reality.
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