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 I've installed Admindroid and it's not working - everything Report or Audit I request, does a Sync and returns with "no data available"   Which other O365 reporting tool can I use? I need Mailbox stats for different periods   Thanks Derrick

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This would probably be better discussed in the Office 365 Community but check the builtin Mailbox usage report if you haven't already.  That has mailbox stats with item counts, storage used and quota status for every mailbox plus graphs for mailbox, storage and quota summary. 


For more information, check the free Office 365 Adoption content pack (soon to be known as Office 365 Usage Analyticswhich is packed with info on email usage and lots more.


If you are looking for a paid solution, I have heard good things about what's now called Quadrotech Radar Reporting (used to be Cogmotive Reports). 

Thanks for response - MyAnalytics?

MyAnalytics is a personal reporting and coaching tool for better working habits and improving work efficiency.  It comes with Office 365 E5 and is also available as a paid add-on.