MyAnalytics Outlook Add-In Highlights Personal Commitments


MyAnalytics is one of the AI components inside Office 365. Part of the E5 plan or available as an add-on, MyAnalytics is usually seen as a dashboard of weekly activity. Its Outlook add-on can highlight commitments you made in email and remind you about other ways you can work smarter. The only problem is that MyAnalytics is handicapped by a lack of signals…

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It’s good to read your insights Tony. In respect of signals, Microsoft has added Groups to the mix, although one announcement is still outstanding. Given the promotion and adoption of Microsoft Teams getting those signals available must be a priority to keep My Analytics relevant. I’m hoping in 2018 we’ll see a significant ramp up in deliverables. I hope this is also the case for the wider Workplace Analytics product in Office 365 whose audience is limited to larger corporates today.