Going beyond E-Mail and Calendar

Marc Rohde

Is there any indication that MyAnalytics will go beyond Exchange data and start looking at the full graph?


It seems that I spend more time after hours working on documents that end up on OneDrive and Sharepoint than sending e-mail.


I encourage my team to post project status updates as blog post in Sharepoint and engagement would be a better measure of influence than the forward frequrnce of some e-mails.


I think there are indications that MS is moving further into organization analytics but it would be great to get a better sense of the roadmap.

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Hi Marc - yes! This is a great scenario that we hope to be able to support soon. The team is currently planning to bring in Skype for Business signals and then OneDrive for Business/ SPO signals next to help provide a more complete picture of your work. In addition to working on documents in the evenings, how else would you see these signals benefiting you and your team?

Also you are correct that we are working on Workplace Analytics to deliver advanced organizational analytics to customers. It is in paid early access currently, and will be available as part of Office 365 over time. You can learn a bit more and sign up for a conversation at .. let us know what you think!


Beyond being able to look at after hours work I think seeing who is colloborating with each other would be great.  Similar to the way MyAnalyitics looks at the e-mail interactions.


While this may get beyond the scope of MyAnalytics some metrics around they type of content producted may also be helpful. For example, how many words are changed.


Especially when we get into Workplace Analytics, having some metrics for employee interaction with documents could be helpful for houlry workers to understand the volume of work that is getting commited to the sites (OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.).


Although I like MyAnalytics very much, its view of the world has to be expanded to become truly useful. As their replies indicate, Microsoft knows this. I need:


1. Time in Skype for Business calls 

2. Time in Skype consumer calls (shock, horror, not every customer has Office 365)

3. Time editing documents stored in SharePoint document libraries

4. Ditto for time spent editing documents held in OneDrive.

5. Some will need to capture time spent contributing to Yammer conversations; I don't care so much for this.


With this information. I might actually understand the work that I do. Right now, I have scads of Focus Time that is being chewed up in Word and PowerPoint and Excel... All of which are stored in SharePoint and OneDrive.



Great feedback Tony - Looks like this list is in priority order.. out of curiosity where would put Microsoft Teams on this list?


@Tony Redmond, great suggestions and I agree to look at anywhere we might be working within Office 365. I would add Team Sites to your list as well.


I might also suggest looking at integration with Intune, which I understand will monitor desktop usage for non-Office Apps, like CAD software.


I do think that some definiation of working time beyond meeting and focus would be necessary.  For example if I'm working on a Word document it may not be Focus Time but it isn't meeting time either.


I also think as we get beyond MyAnalytics to the group based Analytics looking that the documements and colloboration is important to understand the depth of relationships.  For example I may have team members who are part of my audiance that read my work but rarely update or colloborate.


I find I don't tend to review MyAnalytics as often since the insights don't really change often.


@Nick Robinson, are there fundamental differences between Sharepoint, Teams, and 365 Groups? I personally lump them together with the idea that we have multiple places to work in 365 and ideally we could track them all.  I would love to see what teams, groups or sharepoint sites I interact with most frequently and which I am be negelecting.  This could be similar to the relationship suggestions with people.


As we think about this group of technology having a view of some of the standard apps, like discussions, and lists could also be useful because it may help me understand the context of my work. (The what and the why)


My priority list:


  1. Time editing documents stored in SharePoint document libraries
  2. Ditto for time spent editing documents held in OneDrive.
  3. Time in Skype for Business calls 
  4. Teams - chats (including video chats)
  5. Planner 
  6. Some will need to capture time spent contributing to Yammer conversations; I don't care so much for this.
  7. Time in Skype consumer calls (shock, horror, not every customer has Office 365)



Hey Marc - great feedback. On SPO, Teams and Groups .. I like how you think of them as multiple places to work in O365.. with Groups being the connector to team sites, teams and email it provides a connector across all the collaboration tools. Similar to the way you can pin important people on your dashboard today, we envision some of the groups capabilities enabling pinning as well .. to understand time by group, etc. It sounds like this would help get to the topic as well in your scenario. Great feedback - keep it coming.


Do you have any MyAnalytics success stories to share so far? :)






@Nick Robinson, another area that would be great for MyAnalytics to help is to look at future weeks on the calendar to provide feedback similar to what we get in retrospect.  Looking at double booking, lack of focus time, attendee overlap to provide similar coaching to what we get from the prior week.


This would be a much more proactive approach to the same data.


would it also be possible to link this with the apps / software installed on or machines (mostly windows driven) so that we can also get a snapshot on what software / application was used widely etc etc

I Addition to Tony and for your curiosity. Nick, I appreciate your thoughts about Microsoft Teams very much.

Currently we as an enterprise are starting to move completely to Microsoft Teams with our collaborations, Video Calls, etc. so I would really love to see the integration of Microsoft Analytics with Microsoft Teams..

Would it be possible to integrate Planner Tasks, to see if I am on track, how long it takes to complete a task. Maybe it is visible in the planner dashboard, but to have the whole experience it would be great to have a kind of extend productivity view.

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