Where is APPDATA going to


See the screenshot from my package below.


Can someone tell me where the [{AppData}] folder is going to be placed. When installing the package I can' t find it on my system. 

I thought it will be somewhere here, but is isn't .



Some files are placed here in appdata, which i need to access from a shortcut. But i can' t find the files and then i can' t configure the shortcut to use those files if that is possible.


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The AppData folder in your package will appear under the VFS folder under the package root, just like all other VFS folders. Except that without the PSF FileRedirectionFixup, your app is unlikely to see the files. Explanation:

Software running in the container (without PSF) generally maps native file requests to also check the appropriate VFS folders under your package root. Unfortunately, it doesn't map requests to the local AppData or LocalAppData folders to the VFS folders. We don't know why, it just is that way.

Adding in the FileRedirectionFixup of the PSF can make these folders visible, as well as making them modifiable. When one of those files is referenced, it would be copied out to the user's AppData/Local/Packages/[PackageName]\LocalCache\Microsoft\WritablePackageRoot\VFS
AppData folder and opened from there.