What PE headers are invalid in files to be packaged?

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I've seen in the log files for the MSIX Packaging Tool the following line:

Analyzing [{Common Programs}]\myfile.ext for invalid PE Headers.

I have the ability to check the PE headers in my customer's files before sending them to be packaged.  Can you tell me what would make them invalid so I can pre-emptively check?


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Standard check to ensure the header is valid [valid Win32 application, Import Tables, ] and to get in front of any LoadLib issues. 


Are you getting errors? If you are repackaging a standard installer, you are not likely to run into any issues here. Hopefully you're customer's aren't playing with ResHack, otherwise, nothing to worry about.

I've not run into any issues yet but I haven't run the tool at scale yet.

I was just hoping to get ahead of any issues before sending an app through the tool.

I'm already checking the headers to look for the kernel drivers, printer drivers,16bit files (on x64 OSs) etc. that are unsupported by MSIX.  Was hoping for a list of anything else I may have missed.