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Visual Studio manifest designer guide/doc???

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Hello peoples.  I'm going through this guide to pkg an x86 app that was ported to x64:


Double clicking on Package.appxmanifest brings up this wizard:




Where are the docs that explain each of the fields in each of the tabs?  What they are, what they are used for?  Possible values? Etc.


For examples, what is the "Lock Screen notifications"?  What is it?  Why do I need it?  What do the dropdown values mean?  What do they do?  Some of the fields are self-explanatory (Description, Entry Point, Display Name).  Is there a video?  A Book?  A Guide?  Anything that goes through those elements????



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Hi @TuittiPazzi


While the guide is not extensive, there is a doc here about how Visual Studio generates the app package manifest, which provides some details about the fields.