Using MSIX, how do I show a EULA

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I have previously built MSI installers for desktop apps and the EULA (End User License agreement) is easily shown.  I am now building an app using .Net MAUI for the desktop (and later mobile) but I don't see how to get the EULA shown when installing.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  All help is greatly appreciated!

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It is quite common to suppress the EULA from being shown during installations, especially if being installed silently to avoid user interaction. Why would you want this feature to appear?

@GrahamGB It is how the company I work for does most of their desktop installers.  I am just trying to get it working in .Net MAUI.  Do you know how I could do it?

The recommendation from Microsoft is to move all the configurations you would perform in custom dialogs in your application, as the first-launch experience for your users.

So the first time your users launch the application you will show them the EULA in a custom dialog from your app, along with other options that your application might require to be configured by the user before it starts using it.

Also, make sure you save any user options in AppData and not in config files found next to the application binaries, in the installation folders (you don't have write permissions there). I know this advice might sound silly, but I've seen this problem so many times.
Thanks for your reply!