Uninstall package with service


Since installing an MSIX package containing a service requires elevation, why doesn't the uninstall require the same?


Of concern will be "common" services like the Flexnet Licensing Service that might be in several packages.

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Agreed - this struck me as odd as well. Independent of the multiple package scenario, it seems odd a user with limited rights can uninstall a package that required admin rights to install.



It's something that we chatted with customers about in the initial design.  When the app is uninstalled and ref counted to zero, it does a clean up.  That was the preferred ask from a customer standpoint.  If there is a demand for a toggle on this, I recommend adding it to the ideas section of the tech community.


John Vintzel (@jvintzel)

@John Vintzel Let me see if I have this correct.  In which case I have questions...


When packages with services are installed there is some sort of check to see if the service is already installed, and instead of installing the service again a reference count is incremented. Then uninstalls use that count as described.


  • What criteria is used to determine "already installed"?  Is this by service name?  File hash? It certainly can't be by the file path since the path is different for each package.
  • The windows registration of the service would be using file path of the "first" package installed.  Is the scenario covered where this package is uninstalled first?  Does the path of the registered service change when this happens?