Unable to launch .cmd file as shortcut in MSIX

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Hi all,


I have an application which is using .cmd file as entry point. However, when I am trying to handle this using PSF files in MSIX package, I am getting error stating " The Remote procedure call failed " followed by PSF binaries error. (Attaching both errors)

Can someone help and check if I am missing anything in my config.json file?

Much Appreciated.

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@SJamal85 cmd requires special handling.  The easiest way to handle is to use the PackageSupportFramework PsfLauncher to handle it for you.


In essence, this PsfLauncher will run inside the container to start a powershell script that runs outside of the container to then inject a cmd.exe process to run your cmd file back into the container.  You would need the 64-bit PsfLauncher (replacing your use of wscript), PsfRuntime, and the powershell script wrapper.

In the following article, we explain how you can do it with the MSIX Packaging Tool and PSF or with Advanced Installer. Have you checked it out?