Unable to create a python script to MSIX

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Hi Team,


I built a application in python(pyqt5) and converted my application to EXE using Pyinstaller.


Currently I am trying to convert my exe to MSIX. MSIX packing tool or third party tools are not supporting it. Is there a way to fix it.




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hi @Brindanivas,


I'd like to understand your problem a bit better here. What do you mean by not supporting it? Are you unable to run your exe or is it not capturing anything when it does run? If this is an issue with the MSIX Packaging Tool, I recommend filing a Feedback Hub issue under Applications > MSIX Packaging Tool and ensuring there is a repro (or file it from the MSIX Packaging Tool directly if you are encountering an error) so that we can get to the bottom of the issue. 




@Brindanivas While I don't know your particular python package, I generally find the need to include the Package Support Framework's FileRedirectionFixup whenever packaging something with python.

@Tim Mangan, can you let me know how to do it PyQt5. I am using pyinstaller to generate the exe setup. I am new to python, so can you please help on this.

@Brindanivas If using the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool (MMPT), after installing the app (and the MMPT it still monitoring the install), I run PsfTooling. This is a free app in the Microsoft Store. You run the shortcut wizard, select the FileRedirectionFixup (just use the default settings for the fixup), click the Modify button and select any shortcuts, and apply to actions list. Running the additional two wizards (executables, click "find exes" button, then ftas "find" button) are recommended, even if not needed. Then on the actions page apply the changes. Close the tool and return to the MMPT to finish off packaging..