Next documentation bash, please get the schemas updated. 


Example: UAP10:InstalledLocationVirtualization

is not listed (even though other UAP10 are) in 

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The documentation has been updated.




@ShakersMSFT Thank you for that.  Perhaps the UpdateActions element could be improved by specifying the priority/interaction between that package setting and that of the Remove-AppXPackage -PreserveApplicationData and -PreserveRoamablePackageData.



Does InstalledLocationVirtualization require a OS runtime build beyond that of 2004, any  particular value for the MinVersion or MaxVersionTested fields, any new Capabilities declarations, or possibly a change in Content Enforcement setting, beyond the values normally added by the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool version 2020.824?


I ask as in trying to verify the feature I am seeing some differences when using this setting in a package and testing on 2004, it doesn't seem to be what I expected:

  • Without Manifest Changes: The app can read  file in the root of the package, but attempts to open for write fail 0x5.
  • With Manifest Changes: When the app wants to overwrite the file, it it told that it succeeds in opening and writing, but after closing the file the app does not see the changes when it re-opens and reads the file; it sees the contents of original file. No new files are seen in the redirected %LocalAppData%\Packages folder that are any different than without the extension added to the manifest.