Suggested communication way between MSIX/win32 apps

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I have 3 applications A, B and C. A and B are win32 applications packaged as msix, and C is shipped as a win32 application.

What is the suggested way of communication between A and B, and A and C?

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Right now they have to be packaged together or for things like add-ons you can use a modification package.  In our backlog for the have a feature for IT Pros to adjust the container boundaries for multiple apps to work together.  Unfortunately it won't be in the upcoming 1903 release, but sometime after that (TBD).


John Vintzel (@jvintzel)

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What is meant by "packaged together". Do you mean inside a single MSIX package?


If we mark A & B as full trust applications, can they then communicate with each other and C as well over standard IPC techniques like named pipes.

Sorry, I should have clarified.  Couple things to help out.  Are you repackaging or the developer for the code?


Name pipes should work as well as COM.  Things like sharing registry and file system will be problematic.  If you have the specifics of what you are doing it might be easier to get you the correct answer.



- We have the code, however not all apps can migrate to new packaging together. 

- Additionally before changing the code, we are looking to just repackage the existing binaries. In future when we migrate and utilize full power of Windows 10 and MSIX we can look to change code.