Sideloading MSIXBUNDLE installation fails on PC without internet access

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The sideloading App package we generated with  WAP project tool can not be installed on a PC when it does not have internet access.  It was installed successfully on PCs with internet. 


I was able to reproduce the issue with a simple Hello World app. The file is at





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Could you provide some more information? Which OS version were you using? Did you get an error or did the app just not install?

You can also file a bug with Feedback Hub and that will help us with diagnosing the issue.

OS is Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19043 Build 19043. I got no error, the app just did not install. There was nothing in the event logs.
Hi Sharla,
Where is the Feedback Hub?

You can launch the Feedback Hub app using Win+F or pressing Start and searching for Feedback Hub.