Shortcut Pinning | Fixed Certificate Selection | FTA Ticker

Shortcut Pinning | Fixed Certificate Selection | FTA Ticker
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Sharing the ideas and feature requests put forth during the packaging workshop. First three are the ideas listed in the subject line and following two are more of a feedback than ideas.


First idea relates to shortcut management – advance options.


  • Being aware of Shortcut management support to be included in upcoming release, will look forward to see the following supported in future releases
  • It will be helpful to address customer requirements in enterprise domain if advance options are provided in the packaging wizard under shortcut section to Pin them to Taskbar OR Start Menu
  • In absence of which administrators will have to deploy a custom script as a different program along with MSIX installation to accomplish the same


Next idea is relating to certificate management.


  • In 9/10 cases, the DEV environment or the MSIX packaging tool will be setup in the customer environment
  • Provided an option under Settings menu to have a Standard certificate selected (which would remain persistent unless engineer changes) reduces one step in the process


Last set of idea is to have a File Type Association (FTA) tab.


  • List the file type associations of a package in group by the Executable name
  • Have all the FTAs listed under respective executable, provided two ticker options to each FTA – Enable and Enforce
  • Enable option would be to enable the FTA if the checkbox is ticked
  • Enforce option would be to make that the Default program for that specific file type/extension upon install


Following are the feedback on features.


  • Include a Launch button in First Launch wizard screen (though the double click action works)
  • Check with relevant teams if the definition for “Reset” option under “Apps & features” in Windows setting can be rephrased as the statement “Application will be re-installed” is not in-line with the actions performed in the background on selection of this option


Will look forward for your response and support.

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