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Great to see MSIX Shared Package Container - MSIX | Microsoft Docs finally seeing some light (for those that don't know, it is in a new insider preview build for the OS at this time).


I have some questions that I don't think are covered:

  • What about including packages that reference dependency packages (such as frameworks or runtimes).  Are these automatically included in the list or must they be specified?  If automatic, then what order is used for the priority layering in the list?  I'm not sure the order is terribly important for these, but we'd want to know for any troubleshooting.
  • Since I'm asking, let's also cover Modification Packages.  Should these be listed, or if previously applied on the system to the primary package does that automatically come into the list?  If automatic, please confirm if this will be a priority just above that primary package it was added to.
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Hi @Tim Mangan, Thanks for posting the question. Only the main package will need to be included in the shared package container .xml definition. In terms of framework packages, those will automatically be included. By their nature, modification packages and even optional packages are already launched via the main package's container so they too will not need to be specified. We will update the documentation accordingly to make it clearer. 

Do we have any documentation on the above statement. how to handle vc++ or .Net Framework related pre-req required application. how we manage these with shared container xml file???