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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Shared Package Container: Dependency on app "similarities"


I am troubleshooting a problem with Shared Package Containers on Windows 11, and it isn't clear that the application is really running in the shared container.  Based on experience with App-V connection groups, I am wondering about the following possible limitations between different package level settings, however the existing documentation is not helpful.


The article MSIX Shared Package Container - MSIX | Microsoft Learn does not provide much information on dependencies/restrictions on the packages to be contained.  There is a note that a package cannot be part of multiple shared containers, but that is it.


I would guess, that the architecture setting (x86/x64) might need to be the same on all packages.  But what about other AppXManifest elements?  For example:

  • uap10:Content Enforcement
  • TargetDeviceFamily version fields
  • Capabilities
  • InstalledLocationVirtualization
  • any other elements that affect the runtime

Are there requirements for the manifests to match settings for the shared container, and if not and there is a difference, are there any situations where the settings of one of the packages gets applied and the others ignored (and if so, which package?)

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