RW access to VFS in MSIX packages

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Hi all,


I need to give RW access to VFS in MSIX packages. In App-V, we had one checkbox which was responsible for this. However, in MSIX we don't have any such provisions.

Also, I would prefer if we can give the access in general to all folders of the package rather than being specific to the folder name and file name required.

Please let me know if anyone has achieved this.

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The PSF FileRedirectionFixup was created for this purpose.
Hi Timothy,
Thanks for responding, I could find blogs regarding this. However, in the article, they are asking to specify the particular file extension which is getting created on run time, but what if there are multiple files/ folder structure being created at different locations? Can we give a RW access to the complete VFS structure?


The wiki documentation Fixup: FileRedirectionFixup · TimMangan/MSIX-PackageSupportFramework Wiki ( has a sample configuration file that probably works for you. 


The two entries under `packageRelative` provides pretty much what App-V does with that checkbox of the sequencer; redirect any file request that is in the package area (PVAD or VFS) to the redirection area (except for standard executable file formats).


The known folder entries below are optional and allow you, for example, to have a VFS folder for documents inside your package but using the exclusion allows the app to write files to the native documents folder.

I tried your solution. However, now when launching the application, it is not throwing initial error also and nothing seems to be happening.

I am attaching the config.json file along with screenshot of my PSF files added to the package.

Let me know if I am missing something here. IT doesnt look like Config file format  issue else it would have given that error.

Appreciate all your help.