RunVirtual key for MSIX

RunVirtual key for MSIX
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Option similar to RunVirtual key in App-V is helpful in launching applications like Office add-ins.

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Let me try to re-phrase the ask for you (please correct me if I am wrong).


"You would like the ability to have an MSIX package containing a plugin to some other application, which is packaged and delivered separately, and want the plugin to appear when the user runs the app no matter how they start it."


Obviously, if the primary app was in MSIX we can accomplish this today by using a Modification Package (assuming we have VFS pathing in the primary package).


But you'd also like to have support for a natively installed app (from an MSI for example) with an MSIX plugin also work.  As we don't have a MSIX office option today, your example fits in this category, but there are plenty of other cases as well.

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