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Run as admin app ms store (Windows cannot access the specified path)

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We build the MSIX package using the advanced installer and load it into the ms store during further installation and normal launch, there are no problems, but if we run the application as an administrator, we get an error that we do not have access to the file. If you go and manually set the owner of the current user on the WindowsApps folder, reinstall the application, then the application will start running as administrator, but this is not a general solution to this problem. I noticed that the main exe file of the application starts without problems, we also use msedgewebview2.exe and when the application tries to run this file we get this error. Putting the rights inside the advanced installer does nothing, during installation these rights are not applied inside WindowsApps, there are suggestions on how to fix this problem, thanks in advance.



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@vmaslov : I'm curious to understand why you are trying to run this app as an Admin, when the normal launch works as expected.

Is your application trying to write inside the package location? You can try InstalledLocationVirtualization extension in that case.


uap10:InstalledLocationVirtualization - Windows UWP applications | Microsoft Learn