PSF TraceShim with "Procomon-like" UI

PSF TraceShim with "Procomon-like" UI
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This is more of a heads-up that I'm working on this.  The intention is to submit a pull request into the PSF Git to add the functionality in.  Changes are mainly to TraceShim to allow output to ETW, and a new WPF GUI to receive and process them.  


Here is a screenshot from the current GUI.  Fuller filtering and search are intended to be added at some point, but basic filtering options are shown.


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Update.  Tool is "code complete" and awaiting submission into Git.  Here is a more finished screenshot of the viewer:


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Where I found this tool?Could you share the link?Thanks

The tool is not publicly available at this time.  The intent is for it to be incorporated into the open source Package Support Framework on GitHub.  As this will be the first non-Microsoft contribution to that repository, it might take some time for it to become public.  Be patient!

The submission is now on GitHub as a branch to the PSF (under my name).  So if you want you can download the source and build your own copy.  The pull request to integrate the branch into the main code is in progress.


Check out the PSF Monitor, a GUI tool that will help you create fixups easier, it is live on our GitHub. Thanks Tim for this great addition!


If you have new ideas on how to improve the Packages support framework please go ahead and submit it here -

I also encourage you to contribute directly to our repo, it is open to all of you.


Thanks in advance!


Status changed to: Completed
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