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Do we have any limitation of size to inject the fixups into the MSIX package. Right now we are working on one application of size 3GB which contains around 40+ shortcuts, most of the entry points were exe with arguements, when we run the PSFTool of after installation phase of the application. the psf tool suggested only psflauncher and fire redirection fixups, later when we ran to "check for new components" option, here in this section corresponding to SHORTCUTS it showed only 3 shortcuts out of 40+ shortcuts and once after creating the package, if I open the config.json file, it has around 3.7 lakh lines. which is very huge, most of the lines belongs to File Redirection Fixups along with dll information.

And one more thing, this particular applications installation directory is like C:\abc, it is not installing the application to c:\program files.

Could you please advise how to handle this situation?

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Obvious answers:

  • There should not be a limitation on size of either individual files or total file size in MSIX in general.
  • These shouldn't be one in PsfTooling either, but bugs do happen.
  • The json created by PsfTooling is certainly not optimized as it attempts to be very specific.  The json created by TMEditX would be much smaller as we now see that when we apply fixes we almost always want to apply them to any process running in the container.  Eventually I may migrate that method into PsfTooling, but I am waiting to see if I get any complaints that this method is too simple.

Less obvious, and maybe not answers:

  • There is an open bug in PsfTooling against an app installing to a private folder.  Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce the issue so it is on hold.  Quite possibly there is a bug there as Psf Support for VFS\AppVPackagingDrive changed at some point, and it would be advised to cajole the install into a Program Files folder.
  • The additional shortcuts should have shown. What version of PsfTooling was used?

Thanks for the Reply @TIMOTHY MANGAN
I am using the latest version 4.13 from Microsoft Store.

What is the app? I'd like to reproduce the issue.
Please find the below mentioned app name.
Name: WebFOCUS 82 App Studio
Version :
Author: Information Builders, Inc

Thanks a lot for the time that you are spending in resolving issues on MSIX.