Post install changes not being saved

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I am using MSIX for the first time to package up an exe, and having an issue getting the application config choices to save correctly and to include them in the deployed installer.  I am starting with a clean vm and selecting the .exe as the source file, the last step in the install process launches a configuration editor which creates application customizations.  Once I wrap everything up I check that the application did install correctly with the customizations required.  When I then install the msix package to another machine the core application is installed correctly but with none of the customizations I setup.  How do I go about troubleshooting this?  Thanks for all your help.

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Hi @ppibeauty


You can check out troubleshooting tips and tricks here. Depending on your issue, the package support framework might help you as well. If you are still encountering issues, feel free to file a Feedback Hub item and we can help you get to the bottom of it. 




After install and configuration of the app (but still monitoring), you can run PsfTooling (free app in Microsoft store) and ask it to analyze. It will detect, and can fix, 95% of the causes of your issue, adding in and configuring the PSF into your installation. Then let the Microsoft Packaging Tool finish off the package.