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I've got an application that installs from IIS.  I'm using http://localhost:81/packages as the packages/installer directory.  I have added the loopback.

CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt -a -n=microsoft.desktopappinstaller_8wekyb3d8bbwe


The installation completes without error. 


However, when I run the update code as described here:


Update non-Store published apps from your code - MSIX | Microsoft Learn


the CheckUpdateAvailabilityAsync() call returns PackageUpdateAvailability.Unknown even though there are updates in the installer directory and I'm using the same Uri as above.

I do not see any requests in the IIS log and there are no events logged in AppXDeployment-Server.

Any idea how I can get more debug information on what is happening?

I'm targeting 10.0.22621.0


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OK, figured it out. For the next person looking to test non-store appinstaller updates from IIS. Make sure you have a version of your app and a newer version of the app published to the same directory. Using text editor, update the Packaging.appinstaller file with a text editor and set the version to the lower version number. Run the appinstaller to install that version. Go back and re-edit Packaging.appinstaller to the later version. Relaunch the app. You should get the update to occur.